Tailored Black Tuxedo Suits: Choose Your Own Style For Tailored Suiting

Tailored Black Tuxedo Suits

Tailored Black Tuxedo Suits: Choose Your Own Style For Tailored Suiting

Tuxedos are versatile men’s formal attire that never goes outmoded. tailored black tuxedo suits make you look elegant, sophisticated, classy, and trendy in any formal or informal event.

Dark colors are often chosen because of their solid impact on the personality, but the most important thing that makes a tux outstanding is the details including fit, lapel, cuff, shoes, accessories, especially bow ties, and cummerbunds. If you are planning to bespoke or tailored a suit, then go through the discussed styles in the article to make a premium tuxedo suit.

Tuxedo Jacket

A tuxedo jacket plays a vital role to get a classical look at your special formal, semi-formal, and informal events. The jackets can be tailored in several styles according to your choice. Most popular jacket styles come in two preferences: Single Breasted and double-breasted. Single-breasted has a one to four-button front whereas double-breasted has a two to six-button front along with the flaps overlapping. For ultra-formal events, tailcoats are usually highly appreciated by men. This style comes with two tails in the back and cropped front along with two-to-six buttons on the front.


Lapels are the folded flaps on the tux that makes the suit formal and beautiful. Three types of lapels are available: Notched lapel, peaked lapel, and shawl lapels are customized to make your own type of suiting. Notched lapels are the most popular lapels that give the least formal look to your tuxedo.

This type of lapel is common in suits but exceptional in tuxedos. Peaked lapels are commonly seen in a stylish tux. This style provides a broad ‘V’ shape that enhances your torso and provides a smart look. The shawl lapel is very formal, as its shape is smooth and rounded with no notch.


Trousers must always match the type of tuxedo you are wearing. Classical black tuxedos normally look better with a single strip over the side seam of the trousers.

Shirt Collars

Collars are one of the most prominent features of your dress. Three types of collars are mostly suggested for shirts. Band Collar is the most contemporary style that features a stand-up collar neck. Wing Collar is like a band collar, but it features downward points. A spread collar is like a standard collar button shirt but features a wide division between points in front. This collar looks wonderful with a Euro tie or standard necktie.


In tuxedos, you can choose a cuff style between two popular styles. One is the standard option that features one rounded button cuff and the other is with cuff links that sound more formal.


There are several neckwear options available in tuxedos. With classic tux, bow-ties are best for formal events like weddings. Necktie for casual look, ascot tie for formal events, bolo tie for theme weddings, and euro ties for a formal look can be carried according to your own favorites.


To accomplish the look, accessories are necessary to wear a black tuxedo in formal suits. But it is suggested to never overdo the look.

  • Waistcoats and Vests: Ideal for ultra-formal events.
  • Suspenders: Perfect for sartorial elegance.
  • Tie Bar: Wear gold or silver color and sit right between the third and fourth buttons.
  • Cummerbunds: Well-suited in black, but color can be chosen to put in weddings.
  • Cuff links: Highly recommended to get a complete elegant wedding look.

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