What to consider when Buying a Custom Suit

buying custom suit

What to consider when Buying a Custom Suit


Fabric selection is the most important part of the custom suit process. A suit will be only as good as the fabric. It will determine how the suit will look and feel on you. How it will last over time and how does it cuddles your body. Avoid anything synthetic or synthetic blend. Ideal would be a 100% worsted wool fabric. Andre Emilio, Su Misura suiting service has a wide variety of Fabrics to choose from both in quality, origin and color.

Understand the Shops House Cut

Before ordering check out the current suits available. Check out the ready to wear line and especially other customer’s suits that are there for fitting or delivery. Just looking at them will give you a good idea of the cut of the shop. Difference in cutting style varies greatly from one tailor to another. Andre Emilio follows the Italian cut and pattern. There cuts give shape to the body and accentuate features

Get the Fit

The custom suite will be a multiple visit process. First visit for the ordering and sizing, then subsequent visits for getting the right fit. So be patient and be charming and make sure that in the fitting process they take out all the minor issues and ensure that the suit sits on your body as it is supposed to. Andre Emilio is known to offer excellent and perfect fit. Our team works with you and sets up a perfect relationship leading to a world class suit with a perfect Fit.

Avoid Trends

When styling a suit, the customers generally try to put in the latest trends from the runway and totally forget about the occasion where they will be wearing the suit. So if in doubt Simple is the best. Don’t go overboard with extra style details. Stick to classics and you will end up with a suit that will last you a lifetime.


The Lapel choice is probably the single most distinguishing feature in a suit. Notch Lapels work for all occasions, even though they are considered more for the casual or everyday suits. While the peak lapels fall into the flamboyant and formal range. Over time the lines have blurred as to what the lapels represent so you should consider your body size and type before deciding on Lapel. Also don’t forget the lapel sizes will increase or decrease based on your body size.

Trouser break

This is more of a personal preference. More classical look would be trouser with a full break while more in vogue look would be little or no break. But it does boil down to your personal preference and what you feel comfortable in.


Custom suits make sure any minor to major differences in your shoulder line are managed. Some people have either right of left shoulders slightly dropped. But a master tailor will have this fixed in their custom suit. Andre Emilio team ensure that even such slight changes are measured and catered for in the final deliverable.

Work with the best, it is all in the details. Andre Emilio is the top custom tailoring shop in Pakistan, with thousands of satisfied customers. Unfortunately, they have only one branch for the time being in Lahore. But you can always order online.

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