How to Choose the Perfect Suit for Your Body Type

Suits For Your Body Types

How to Choose the Perfect Suit for Your Body Type


A well-fitting suit plays a crucial role in creating a polished and confident appearance. Choosing a suit that complements your body type is essential for achieving the best fit and enhancing your overall look. Andre Emilio offers custom suits tailored to your body, ensuring the perfect fit.

Understanding Various Body Types and Suit Styles

To choose the perfect suit, it’s important to understand various body types:

Slim Body:

Slim Body Type
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One of the best options for the slim body type is to opt for tailored or slim-fit suits. These suits are designed to follow the contours of your body, providing a flattering fit that accentuates your lean physique. Choose fabrics that drape well and avoid anything overly bulky or boxy, as it may drown your figure. Look for suits with minimal padding and structured shoulders to add some definition to your frame.

Athletic Body:

Athletic Body Type
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The athletic body type is characterized by well-defined muscles and a V-shaped physique, with broader shoulders and a narrower waist. If you have an athletic build, you have the advantage of being able to showcase your toned physique and create a powerful presence with your clothing choices. When it comes to dressing for your body type, the goal is to highlight your muscular proportions while maintaining a polished and balanced look.

Structured suits with broad shoulders are an excellent choice for accentuating your athletic build. Look for suits that have padded shoulders or a structured construction, as they will enhance the width of your upper body and create a strong silhouette. Double-breasted suits can also be a great option, as they further emphasize your broad shoulders and create a sense of visual balance with the narrower waist.

Muscular Body:

Muscular Body Type
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The muscular body type is characterized by a substantial and well-built frame, with prominently defined muscles. If you have a muscular physique, you possess a powerful and athletic presence that can be accentuated with the right clothing choices. When it comes to dressing for your body type, the goal is to find a balance between showcasing your muscularity and maintaining comfort and mobility.

When selecting suits for a muscular body type, opt for slightly looser fits that provide enough room in the shoulders, chest, and thighs. This will ensure comfortable movement without feeling constricted or tight. Look for suits with a relaxed yet structured construction, as they will drape well over your muscular frame and create a polished look. Avoid overly slim or tight-fitting suits, as they may restrict your range of motion and appear strained.

Fuller Body:

Fuller Body Type
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The fuller body type is characterized by a more rounded shape, with curves and a fuller figure. If you have a fuller body type, embracing your natural shape and finding clothing that flatters your silhouette is key. The goal is to create a visually elongated appearance and achieve a slimming effect while maintaining comfort and confidence.

When selecting suits for a fuller body type, consider opting for single-breasted styles. Single-breasted suits create a clean and streamlined look that helps to elongate the body. Look for suits with a structured construction that provides definition and shape without feeling restrictive. Choose suits with vertical stripes or pinstripes, as they create a lengthening effect and draw the eye vertically, giving the illusion of a taller and slimmer frame.

Jacket Considerations:

The right jacket can greatly impact your overall appearance. Consider the following factors:

Lapel Styles: Peak lapels draw attention to the chest area and can enhance your physique. Notch lapels offer a balanced look and are suitable for most body types.
Shoulder Fit: Ensure that the shoulder seams align with your natural shoulder line. A well-fitted shoulder enhances the overall appearance of the suit.
Jacket Length: The jacket should end around the middle of your palm, covering the seat of your trousers. This length complements most body types.

Trouser Considerations:

Pay attention to the following trouser details:

Slim Body Type: Opt for flat-front trousers to create a streamlined look that complements your slender frame.
Fuller Body Type: Choose pleated trousers that provide more room and a comfortable fit around the waist and thighs.
Trouser Length: The trouser hem should rest on the top of your shoe, with a slight break or no break at all. Avoid excessive fabric pooling or high-water pants.

Fabric, Patterns, and Colors:

Consider the following tips for fabric, patterns, and colors:

Fabrics: Choose appropriate fabric weights for different seasons and occasions. Lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen work well for warmer weather, while wool is versatile and suitable for most occasions.

Patterns and Colors: Darker colors such as navy, charcoal, and black have a slimming effect. Vertical stripes create an elongated appearance. Experiment with patterns and colors to find what suits you best.

Quality Fabrics: Select high-quality fabrics that drape well and enhance the overall look of the suit. Quality materials elevate your style and ensure durability.

Professional Alterations:

To achieve the perfect fit, professional alterations are crucial. Consider the following areas for potential alterations:

Sleeve Length: Ensure the sleeves end at your wrist bone, allowing a quarter to half an inch of the shirt cuff to show.
Waist Suppression: Tailoring the waist area can create a more fitted and flattering silhouette.
Trouser Hemming: Alter the trouser length to achieve the desired break and eliminate any excess fabric.


To recap, choosing the perfect suit for your body type involves understanding your unique shape, selecting the right suit styles, considering jacket and trouser details, choosing appropriate fabrics, patterns, and colors, and investing in professional alterations when needed.

Embrace your body type and invest time in finding a suit that fits you well. A well-fitted suit boosts confidence, makes a positive impression, and enhances your personal style. Trust Andre Emilio to create custom suits tailored to your body, ensuring the perfect fit for any occasion.

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