Is a custom-tailored suit worth it?

Is A Custom Tailored Suit Worth It

Is a custom-tailored suit worth it?

Is a Custom-Tailored Suit Worth the Extra Cost?

When you think of a custom-tailored suit, you probably envision something that fits perfectly. This is because a tailor uses their knowledge of your body to create a pattern that is exactly the fit you desire.

That said, a quality custom-tailored suit is a costly undertaking. Several factors go into determining the cost of your custom-tailored suit.


If you’re looking for a suit made from quality fabrics that lasts a long time, it may be worth the extra cost of a custom-tailored suit. Off-the-rack suits are often made from cheap materials and prone to seams coming apart and buttons falling off.

Made-to-measure suits are less expensive than bespoke suits because they use a pre-existing block pattern. They are typically cut from fusing or half-canvassed fabric to save time, which means the suit is less durable and requires more maintenance.

Bespoke suits are the most expensive and are tailored to your exact measurements, style, and fit. This gives you more control over the design of your suit and enables you to choose the best fabrics, fit, and details for your individual needs.


The quality of a custom-tailored suit is higher than any suit you could buy off the rack, which goes for both fabrics and craftsmanship. This is because a tailor will take time to build your suit, choosing the best materials for you and ensuring it looks great.

How a tailor sews together different pieces of fabric is incredibly important to the final appearance of your suit. A good tailor knows how to sew a seam that isn’t too tight or loose and can make adjustments on the fly if necessary without damaging your suit.

While many brands offer made-to-measure suits, some do a better job than others, so it’s important to shop around before you commit. 


When it comes to suiting design, a few different options are available. You can also choose from a vast range of details, including fabric, lining, and styling.

Bespoke suits are designed to fit your unique body shape and style. They are also more expensive than off-the-rack suits, but they’re worth it for the personalization and craftsmanship that goes into them.

Custom tailoring allows you to choose everything from the cuffs and collars to the buttons and pockets. You can even pick from various fabrics, like silk or Bemberg, to add a bit of flair to your suit.

Typically, you can expect to pay more for custom-tailored suits with a piece of higher-quality fabric, but they will also last longer than off-the-rack options. In addition to the fabric, you can customize several other details, such as button and pocket stitching. This will make your suit look more polished and sophisticated.


Having a custom-tailored suit made is a great option for men who want a suit that fits their unique body. This is because the tailor will take precise measurements of your body to create a custom pattern.

This process can take a couple of weeks to complete, but it’s well worth the wait for a fitted suit that will look and feel like it’s designed specifically for you. It also has many customization options, including the fabric, lining, buttons, lapels, and jacket cuffs.

If you are unsure how to get a perfect fit, try on a few similar size and style suits. They can give you an idea of what the fit will be like and help you decide whether or not you’re comfortable with this kind of tailoring.

While it is possible to find off-the-rack suits that fit well, there’s no substitute for the exact measurement taken by a professional tailor. This is why we recommend making an appointment at Andra Emilio so you can be sure to get the right fit.

In conclusion, a custom-tailored suit can be an excellent way to display one’s style and confidence. When worn, it is a meaningful investment that can boost physical and mental well-being. Custom suits are known for their quality design and unique fit, making them well worth the price.

Shoppers should not settle for less than perfection when perfecting the look they desire. A wide array of custom-tailored suit options are available, so anyone with any budget can find the right option to meet their needs within their budget.

If you’re looking for quality and value in equal measure, look no further than Andra Emilio – they create timeless looks that will boost your style, confidence, and self-esteem. So if you want to give yourself a special treat—or invest in something that will last you a lifetime—you must get a custom-tailored suit today!

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