The difference between regular made to measure suits and our bespoke suits:

Regular made-to-measure suits are made using machines that cut the suits from existing patterns and designs that are then mass produced. Our bespoke suits, on the other hand, are hand-stitched by our tailors with one client in mind. Through our “customize now,” option, you can personalize everything about the bespoke garment you are purchasing.

Unlike regular made to measure suits, a true bespoke suit is made from scratch and is handmade. Both suits are made to fit according to your measurements. André Emilio’s bespoke suits, however, will result in a one of a kind fit with personalization options like no other.

 Bespoke Suits

Over the past decade, André Emilio has refined our tailoring process to be as smooth and efficient as possible. Emphasizing style, comfort, and tradition.

Once a picture of the client and his requirements is formed, the cut and fit of the suit is built by our tailoring team around those measurements.

At André Emilio, we believe in working closely with the customer to create the perfect bespoke suit as per their requirements. As each client’s requirements are different, our digital tailoring team will work closely with you to understand your requirements, measurements, and style preferences before crafting your made to measure suit.

Using the “customize now,” option above, you can choose your suit’s lapel, buttons, jacket style, the number of buttons on your cuffs, and you can even have your initials monogrammed on your bespoke jacket’s cuff.

This attention to detail is what makes André Emilio the bespoke digital tailor of choice for thousands of gentlemen around the world. Lastly, our customer’s submissions are reviewed by our tailors who then sketch the customer’s unique pattern, using expertise and instinct to shape the two-dimensional panels that will combine into a form-fitting, bespoke suit.

Tailor-Made Suits

Through our digital tailoring system, you can create your dream suit using our advanced design tool by simply clicking the “customize now,” option on any of our bespoke suits.

We provide a wide range of fabrics that are imported directly from Italy. You are able to choose from wool, cotton, linen, and cashmere depending on the climate/season. Usually, suits are worn on special occasions, but you can also select a more comfortable fabric from our made-to-measure suits catalog for your daily wear. Andre Emilio claims to provide the best online custom suits available in the market.

Hand-Stitched Suits at Incredible Prices

The average price for a bespoke suit online is $500. The minimum buying price is $400 and goes to a maximum of $485. It also depends on the fabric you choose for your suit. The better the fabric is, the more comfortable and elegant look it has. Also, keep the wedding season in mind. We also offer a special discount if you submit your email. Discover a new way of shopping hand-stitched Wedding Suits, Office Suits, & Custom Tuxedos!

How long till your bespoke suit is at your door?

Since each suit is made and designed explicitly per your measurements, style preferences, and requirements; it can take up to 4-6 weeks for the suit to arrive at your door. Our highly skilled tailors work diligently to provide the best fit in the given time. At the same time, our digital tailoring team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and measurements so that our tailors can stitch you the perfect bespoke suit.