Wedding Suits


The Gentleman’s Guide to Bespoke Suits

A tuxedo and a suit have several common features, but they also have differences. Tuxedos are typically worn in the evening and are often part of a formal dress code with a Black-Tie requirement. They have satin on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and down the side of the pants, while suits do not have satin, and their buttons are usually made of plastic or metal.

Tuxedos are traditionally worn with a tie and a cummerbund or vest, while suits are paired with long ties. Tuxedos are usually worn with white shirts with a wing collar, while suits are worn with a variety of dress shirts. Tuxedos are typically worn with black patent shoes, while loafers or monk straps are suitable for suits.

There are three types of fits for men’s suits. A regular fit suit is neither too short nor long and has a very classic cut, just slightly fitted and medium in length. The shoulder section of a regular-fit jacket is slightly wider than a slim-fit suit, providing more comfort.

A slim-fit suit is intended to look good on a wide range of body types and provides a sharp and smooth overall outline, with a short modern fitting vest, jacket, and trousers. A classic fit suit is a looser, more traditional cut. The vest is a little longer and looser, and its slightly wider, straight but figure-hugging cut ensures optimal legroom for the suit pants.

The trousers sit at the waist comfortably and not at the hips, and they drape naturally or with an ever-so-discreet tapering at the ankles.

Men’s Suit

There are two types of men’s suits. A three-piece suit and a two-piece suit.  A three-piece suit consists of a coat, the same vest, and trousers. The two-piece suit comprises a suit jacket and trousers.  In both of these suits, you can wear a shirt, necktie, and dress shoes. It is also considered informal wear in Western dress codes. On the contrary, Tuxedos are being favorite and popular among men nowadays. The question is what is the difference between a suit and a tux? Let’s find out the difference between them.

Suits Vs Tuxedos

Tuxedos and suits share a lot of common features and they both look great on men but they have some features which differentiate them. Tuxedos are usually worn in the evening event, often at formal events with a Black-Tie dress code while contemporary suits are more versatile and can be worn in many settings for instance business, professional, and also many formal events (such as daytime weddings).


A tuxedo has satin in it whereas a suit doesn’t. Tuxedos normally have satin on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and down the side of the pants. Suits do not have any satin and the buttons are usually made of plastic or metal but some may like the same fabric button of the suit coat. Not all tuxedos are required to have satin on all of the above-mentioned areas and many modern tuxedos incorporate satin on the lapels and a thin strip down the trouser legs.

A conventional tuxedo will be adorned with a tie and a cummerbund or a vest, while a traditional suit is combined with a long tie. Cufflinks are associated with grooms’ accessories and they work with both tuxes and suits.

Tuxedo Suits are typically worn with white shirts that have a wing collar. Suits are often worn with a variety of dress shirts, in a strong shading or example. Tuxedos and Suits both come in a variety of colors, with the most well-known ones being black. You may also choose navy blue, tan, and white for a debonair look.

Black patent shoes are normally worn with tuxedos. Loafers, the monk strap is satisfactory to wear with suits.

Men’s Bespoke Suiting

After the comparison between Tuxes and Suits, let’s move forward to the designs and customization, and fit of men’s suiting. A poorly fitted suit ruins your confidence level. It doesn’t help you to look good. If you really want to look slender and sleek then all you need to do is to book your appointment with the expert bespoke tailor and he will take your measurements and generate a suit that will fit your body and will make you look unique and dominant among others.

That particular suit will be made for your body only but you can also tell him about which type of fit you want.  There are three types of fitting mainly used in men’s suits. These are Regular Fit, Slim Fit, and Classic fit. Here is the complete detail about all the fits.

Regular fit

A men’s suit with a regular fit is neither too short nor long. A jacket of the Men’s 3-piece suit is close to the body but has a very classic cut just slightly fitted and medium in length.

Regular fit suit jacket

A jacket is the first thing that is noticed by others. It should be well crafted. The shoulder section of a regular-fit jacket, which is slightly wider than a slim-fit suit, also offers more comfort.

Men’s 3-piece suit regular fit

A regular-fitting suit consists of a vest, trousers,s, and pants. a vest a little bit longer and loosen. Its slightly wider, straight but figure-hugging cut (with boot cut) ensures optimal legroom for the suit pants. The trousers should sit at the waist comfortably not at the hips and the drape of the trousers should fall straight naturally or with an ever so discreet tapering at the ankles.

Slim fit

The slim-fit three-piece suit is for all men as it has been intended to look good on an extensive range of body figures while proposing a sharp and smooth overall outline. A suit has a short modern fitting vest, jacket, and trousers that provide you with a classic look.

Men’s slim fit 2-piece suits

Modern and stylish men select slim-fit suits for the event. A suit has a trouser and a jacket. It has slim-cut sleeves as well as a narrow one from each cuff. Its armholes are cut high. Narrowing shaping shadows through to the modern suit’s trousers which have a slim look to attain a glossy head-to-toe shape.

Its trousers have a streamlined appearance. It typically consists of higher holes. It has somehow fitted trousers too and is slightly narrower through the legs. A slim-fit suit is the best option for those who want to wear it on any occasion. It has been the most versatile suit ever shaped.

Purple Slim Fit Suits for Men

There is one color that is going popular Purple. You can wear it at any event as well. Many celebrities like to wear them. you can assume the popularity of the purple suit. This color is available in Slim fit 3-piece suits and also slim fit 2-piece suits.

Classic fit suits for men

This can also be called a moderate-fitting suit. Classic fit suits for men have wider shoulders and for a lean person, this suit can add a bulky look to his personality. It is easy to wear and it is more than comfortable. If you are confused about the slim fit and modern fit then you ought to go for a classic fit suit. It is usually spacious through the chest and waist. Your thighs will remain relaxed and it has a wider leg opening which gives a balance outlook to your personality.

Black Classic Fit Suit

A black suit is a perfect one in appearance. Classic fitting is an ideal one for its charm. It’s a kind of versatile suit because you may wear it as a groom, or to attend a wedding, as an official, and for a funeral as well.

Men’s blue suits classically fit

There are many colors available in classic fit customization suits but Blue and black colors are usually the favorites of all men. Blue suits provide you with a sleek and sophisticated look. You can wear it at any formal event. Whereas blue classic fit suits speak volumes of class. If you are only going to own one suit that handles both your social and professional needs, this is the best one you can buy. it can be ideal for long meetings, and all-day weddings.

After a style let’s move forward to the audacity of men’s suits. Two types of men’s suits are usually liked by men. For instance, Two pieces suit and a Three-piece suit. Both are the same but they have some sort of thing that differentiates them from each other.

What is 3 Piece Suit

A 3 piece suit consists of three sections: a coat, pants, and a waistcoat, known as a vest in North America. While some may recommend that every one of the three components should be made with matching fabric, you can also wear a contrasting waistcoat or coat to separate the look.

Much the same as with the two-piece suit, contingent upon the color shade and the fabric, it can have a progressively formal or casual look. Lighter colors, checked patterns, and heavier fabrics transform the garment into more of a two-piece. Darker, more solid colors add formality.

As the waistcoat is worn very close or near to the body, it should be cut comfortably in mind. The length of the waistcoat should cover the belt side of your pants.

Three-Piece Suit Waistcoat Rules

“You should understand one important thing “There should be no space between the waistcoat and the pants. This additionally means no shirt appearing in the waist area as it ruins the congruity of the suit.”

Black 3-piece suit

Black Suit is the optimal option for most men. It is a formal dress suit but it also can be worn on different occasions. Choosing the proper colored shirt and tie for your black color suit. A white shirt is an obvious choice when it comes to wearing a black suit, it is simple and classic. You can also go with energetic colors such as lavender, red, and bright blue.

But remember that your suit must fit your body. It is neither loose nor too tight and the fabric must be delicate which gives you solace/ comfort. We use high-quality fabric such as Gaubello – Lanificio – John Foster i.e., to craft a masterpiece suit. We also offered the widest array of patterns, and colors available in the online store.

3 Piece Wedding Suit

A man’s wardrobe is usually incomplete without a men’s suit. Men’s suits always project professionalism and distinctive character and are worn as a method statement. You will wear a men’s suit on different occasions. A three-piece suit is probably the foremost recognizable sign of sophistication. Where did it start? When is it proper to wear a 3-piece suit? How to wear it? We might want to share a couple of tips

2 Piece Wedding Suit

A two-piece suit is usually opted for by the man who shows self-possession. A 2-piece suit looks like a three-piece suit. Just a vest is not included in it. It has a trouser and a jacket. it can have a progressively formal or casual look.

There are certain things that you must know about when you want to buy a suit.


Fabric selection is the most important part of the custom suit process. A suit will be only as good as the fabric. It will determine how the suit will look and feel on you. How it will last over time and how it cuddles your body. Avoid anything synthetic or synthetic blend. The ideal would be a 100% worsted wool fabric. Andre Emilio, Su Misura suiting service has a wide variety of fabrics to choose from both in quality, origin, and color.

Avoid Trends

When styling a suit, the customers generally try to put in the latest trends from the runway and forget about the occasion where they will be wearing the suit. So if in doubt Simple is the best. Don’t go overboard with extra style details. Stick to the classics and you will end up with a suit that will last you a lifetime.


The Lapel choice is probably the single most distinguishing feature in a suit. Notch Lapels work for all occasions, even though they are considered more casual or everyday suits. While the peak lapels fall into the flamboyant and formal range. Over time the lines have blurred as to what the lapels represent so you should consider your body size and type before deciding on Lapel. Also, don’t forget the lapel sizes will increase or decrease based on your body size.

Trouser break

This is more of a personal preference. A more classical look would be trousers with a full break while a more in-vogue look would be little or no break. But it does boil down to your personal preference and what you feel comfortable in.


Custom suits make sure any minor to major differences in your shoulder line is managed. Some people have either right or left shoulders slightly dropped. But a master tailor will have this fixed in their custom suit. Andre Emilio’s team ensures that even such slight changes are measured and catered for in the final deliverable.

Get the Fit

The custom suite will be a multiple-visit process. The first visit is for ordering and sizing, then subsequent visits are for getting the right fit. So be patient and be charming and make sure that in the fitting process, they take out all the minor issues and ensure that the suit sits on your body as it is supposed to. Andre Emilio is known to offer an excellent and perfect fit. Our team works with you and sets up a perfect relationship leading to a world-class suit with a Perfect Fit.

Work with the best, it is all in the details. Andre Emilio is the top custom tailoring online store with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. You can always order online.

Why Wedding Suit is Important

A wedding day is an important and memorable day of one’s life. It is such a difficult as well as exciting feeling for a groom who wants you to look standout on the big day. In this regard, the selection of the suit should be appropriate and the style of the suit should well define your personality.

Wedding Suits for Men

There are several kinds of wedding suits available on the online store as well as on the physical market. Wedding Suits are in different colors and different styles.

Ready to Wear is usually considered by ordinary grooms because they don’t have enough time or a limited sense of elegance which does not give them an appropriate look. So eventually they lose their confidence with its poor-fitting suit.

Gentlemen who want a wow look or have a sense of dressing choose customized clothing or bespoke men’s suits for their wedding day. In customized clothing, a groom has the option to select the style and fitting of the suit.

Black Color Wedding Suit

The black color suit is classy, elegant, and timeless and typically selected by many grooms, however, there is some color like this that integrates with your personality and gives you a positive vibe.

Blue Color Wedding Suit

The blue suit colors for a formal wedding are always the safest choice. There are many shades available in blue. If you are looking bold to add a bit of personality to your formal suit, Pair a  navy suit with a solid white button-down shirt, tie or bowtie, and simple black leather shoes.

Wedding Tuxedos

A Tuxedo conveys that element of formality to your wedding day. For a memorable experience, wear with black tie. Ideally, a bow tie to remain super formal.

White Color Suit

A white suit is the perfect attire for a wedding day. It can be worn in the summer or a tropical location, it ensures that you won’t feel excessively hot. An ideal combo a white shirt and brown shoes are a debonair way to stand out a lot.