Embroidered Black Prince Suit

$ 2,500

Andre Emilio’s this Black hand Embroidered Prince Suit is an ideal outfit and makes a profound and upbeat impression on others It also boosts your confidence and gives you a great feeling when the eyes of your surrounding people attentively scan your appearance. It is elegantly embroidered on the edges.

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Instruction to Maintain Prince Suit:

Cleaning: No bleach, Dry-clean only

Storage: Keep your Prince Suits in a place where they can breathe. Never keep your suit in an airtight bag for storage.

Day-to-Day Wear: when you wear your suits, keep them from wearing out. Don’t wear the same suit two days in a row, as clothing typically needs at least a day of rest to breathe

Pressing: Suits can be pressed if they get wrinkled; Steam ironing

Season: Spring, Autumn, Summer, and Winter


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