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Give yourself a modern and trimmed-down silhouette with this  Modern Fit 3Piece Suit that sets and make your impression as stylish as you. Crafted with 5 Star Bella Fabric and with the cut somewhat narrow at the waist and legs, this suit looks sleek, trendy and strikingly, it is designed in such a way that it keeps an overall slim look underneath the jacket, please don’t be worry about the fit of the suit, you can enjoy the freedom of movement at the same time.

Canvas type: Unstructured                     Monogram: Inside Jacket
Shoulder Type: Standard                        Elbow Patches: None
Lapels: Wide Peak                                   Pants: Slim Fit Trousers
Buttons: one                                            Pleats: One
Button color: Black                                 Hems: blind
Pockets: Flap                                          Fabric: 95% Wool, 5% Silk by
Chest Pockets: welted                           Color: Blue
Vents: two                                               Seasonality: Fall/Winter

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Tips To Maintain 3 Piece Suit :

Cleaning: No bleach, Dry-clean only
Storage: Keep your suits in a place where they can breathe. Never keep your suit in an airtight bag for storage.
Day-to-Day Wear: when you wear your suits, keep them from wearing out. Don’t wear the same suit two days in a row, as clothing typically needs at least a day of rest to breathe
Pressing: Suits can be pressed if they get wrinkled; Steam ironing
Season: Spring, autumn, summer, and Winter

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