Ultimate Guide to Men Bespoke Suits


Ultimate Guide to Men Bespoke Suits

Men’s Bespoke Suits are becoming a norm, especially after the entry of online tailoring options like Indochino, Blackapel and Andre Emilio (www.andreemilio.com). We estimate that a person with a go-getter profile will at least own a bespoke suit in his lifetime.

These suits, no doubt, are expensive but they are an investment into your own self. They will last a long time (unless you gain or lose huge amounts of weight) and will make you feel dapper all along. Few elements that you should keep in mind while ordering a Men’s Bespoke Suit


The Fit of the suit is everything. A well-fitted suit will give you confidence and turn you into a gentleman. Fit pertains to the different and exact measurements that you tailor will take. In addition, it also refers to the style of the suit. But we will discuss that later in the article.

Be honest about your body Type

One must embrace the body type. You could be a 6’6” athlete or a 5’7” genius, a well-fitted and tailored bespoke suit will make you look fashionable. Each person has a particular body type. For well fitted suit it is just not enough to take measurements. But it is essential to know and understand the body type.

For example, the shoulder is the most important part of your jacket and in addition to the width measurements. We need to know the slope of the shoulders, whether shoulders sit backward or forwards, and whether the right or left shoulder is slightly lower than others.

These measurements are the key to a good bespoke suit a fit that you will never get in an off-the-rack suit.

Construction & Materials

This is probably the most difficult decision for any person while ordering a bespoke suit. The answer requires you to consider the occasions you will wear this suit, the frequency in which you will wear this suit, and the weather/climate in which it will be worn.

The occasion will determine the type of suit i.e. double breast, single breast, peak lapel, notch lapel, etc

The frequency will determine the type of cloth i.e. if you will wear it often like everyday office wear, then you cannot opt for a very fancy thin cloth.

Weather/climate will determine not only the type of cloth but also the making. For colder climates, you should opt for all wool for milder climates maybe Linen and for hot climates jackets with no lining while for warmer climates jackets with full lining.


Among the various cuts you can opt for are American, Saville Row, and Italian. Each of the cuts has its pros and cons. Know them before you decide on what you want.

Customization & Personalization

Bespoke men’s suit offers a huge amount of options for customization. Starting from Styling all the way to selecting the color of your buttonholes. You can pick from lapel types to lapel sizes, no vents, no buttons, and their setup on the arm, and if you do want to make a mark color of your button holes. But all of these are your personal preferences. While making these decisions it is wise to talk to your tailor and get his opinion. He will look at your body profile and will be able to guide you better as to what will look best on you.

We at Andre Emilio (www.andreemilio.com) offer the ability to customize and select every aspect of your suit. We have master tailors working on each of the bespoke suits ensuring that your fit is impeccable.

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