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Made to measure or bespoke or Su Misura all simply mean that the clothing has been tailored to fit your body structure and needs. Bespoke fits you perfectly allows you to pick the type of cut, collar, cuff, style and buttons etc. Every thing is exactly how you want it. You get to pick the fabric that you desire. We have a selection of world class fabrics sourced from the best mills of the world

  • Fabric based on your requirements of season and color pick your types of collar, cuffs and Style
  • Accesories your garment with a wide variety of selection from buttons to lapel pins etc
  • Get a Fit that hugs your body but is practical enough to facilitate all your movements
  • Initialize and personalise your suit


Every custom suit and shirt we make is handcrafted and meticulously tailored with just one customer in mind — you.

Your Measurements, Your Design

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