Custom Formal Shirts


Our customized formal shirts enable customers to select the perfect attire for their important formal events. These shirts are an essential piece to be in your wardrobe as fashion fades but style remains timeless. For the convenience of our valued customers, we provide an online measurement guide. Our one-of-a-kind custom design tool enables clients to personalize measures to better fit and complement their style.

Andre Emilio has a large selection of shirts made of luxurious and exquisite Italian, British, and Australian fabrics.

Customize Formal Shirts: The Foundation of Every Outfit

Dress shirts are an essential part of any formal men’s outfit, whether it’s a tuxedo, suit, tailcoat, or other formal or semi-formal attire. Wearing a formal shirt never lets you down, whether it’s for an important office meeting, a client meeting, or a formal after-work gathering. An ill-fitted shirt can ruin your otherwise well-dressed look. We provide our customers with well-fitted customized shirts that make them look more elegant.

Another feature of a shirt that should be considered is the fabric. Our shirts are made with good quality fabric and are comfortable as we believe that uncomfortable clothes, no matter how stylish they look, can never enhance your appearance.

Dress Shirt Styles:

Our made-to-measure shirts with high-quality imported fabric have different styles of cuts and angles on the collars such as turndown collars, point collars, spread collars, button-down collars, wing collars, and more others.

A person mostly wears plain white and blue when it comes to office wear. That is perfectly fine, but the stylish gentleman understands that he can experiment with patterns and lesser-used colors that are appropriate for professional settings. There is a wide collection of shirts, choose the design and color, then make adjustments to customize the shirt to your measurement and body shape.

A crisp, well-ironed shirt that fits perfectly makes you feel good and sets the mood for the day.

Andre Emilio’s bespoke shirts are entirely handmade and tailored to the individual’s measurements for the greatest fit on your torso and help you look elegant, confident, and stand out in the event.