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The dinner jacket is a men’s formal wear staple. While the dinner jacket has remained largely unchanged since its inception in the late 19th century, there are now a few different style options to choose from.

Difference between Dinner Jackets and Tuxedo Jackets

Tuxedo jackets and dinner jackets are both formal attire. Having said that, there are a few minute differences between them.

The majority of dinner jackets lack a tail. Many tuxedo coats, in contrast, do have a tail. A tuxedo jacket’s tail is an extended section of material that protrudes from the rear.

It has no useful function at all. Instead, the tuxedo jacket’s tail serves only as an aesthetic.

The lapels are another distinction between dinner jackets and tuxedo jackets. The lapels on the majority of tuxedo coats are satin-facing, which means they are lined with a plush material that resembles velvet.

In contrast, dinner jackets might have conventional lapels without satin or similar satin-facing lapels like those found on tuxedo jackets.

When to Wear a Dinner Jacket

Any formal event calls for a dinner jacket. You may be confident that a dinner jacket is appropriate as long as it’s not a casual occasion. One of the most formal types of men’s outerwear is the dinner jacket.

Compared to blazers, sports coats, and traditional suit jackets, they are more formal. A tuxedo jacket is the only type of clothing that is more formal than a dinner jacket.

Black-tie dinners, weddings, ballroom parties, graduations, and formal business meetings are some typical events where you can wear a dinner jacket.

Tips on How to Wear a Dinner Jacket

Make sure your dinner jacket is wrinkle-free before wearing it. Because it’s a sort of outerwear, dinner jackets should be smooth and wrinkle-free. Even a few minor wrinkles give off an untidy, unprofessional impression that is neither formal nor appealing. You’ll need to de-wrinkle your dinner jacket if it’s creased.

Remember that a lot of dinner jackets need to be dry-cleaned. These dinner jackets cannot be dried in a clothes dryer to remove wrinkles. Instead, you’ll need to take them to a nearby dry cleaner for dry cleaning.

You should wear the appropriate dress shirt with your dinner jacket. The majority of men like to leave the front of their dinner jacket open. In other words, none of the front buttons are fastened. No matter how many buttons a dinner jacket has on the front—two, three, or four—they are left undone. You will unavoidably have your dress shirt on display if you leave the front of your dinner jacket open. Therefore, when wearing a dinner jacket, it’s crucial to select the appropriate dress shirt.

You can wear a white dress shirt with a white dinner jacket if it is that color. A dress shirt in a different hue is an alternative. Whatever dinner jacket you decide on, don’t forget to accessorize it with a tie.

Best Materials for Dinner Jackets

While modern dinner jackets are frequently made of wool, velvet, mohair blend, or even silk, early dinner jackets were frequently constructed of barathea wool, a heavier-weight wool fabric.

Briefly To Sum Up

For any formal function, dinner jackets are the ideal option for apparel. There are countless options to choose from, including a variety of colors and fabrics. From determining how and when to wear one to identifying the distinctions between a dinner jacket and a tuxedo jacket, we hope that the information provided in this article will be useful to you as you shop for dinner jackets in the future.