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A person is judged by the way of his wearing. Either you are headed for the office, a wedding party, or dinners, then you need to be well-dressed. The key to look exceptional is your dressing, color you are wearing, style of suiting, and most important details. Many men don’t focus on details and as a result, they deprive of basic dressing ethics.

It’s all right if you buy a suit, but if you don’t put details into it; your dream for looking exceptional will remain incomplete.  For a flawless look, a quality pocket square must be inevitable for you.

What exactly is a pocket square?

It’s not just a piece of cloth but a fashion emblem which is worn in the front pocket of your jacket.  It’s a kind of crest and handkerchief. A pocket square serves an aesthetic purpose. The very idea of pocket square came from Greek, Egypt, and England. Earlier, it would have been used for personal hygiene purpose. But later on, it became a symbol of prestige, respect and wealth.

Pair a pocket square with tie

A pocket square is best paired with a tie. It’s not necessary that you only match pocket square with your tie correctly. But most importantly, there should not be a clash between the two. You should not use two different colours and two different patterns for your tie and pocket square. A contradiction between the pattern and colour leads toward conflict in your dressing.

Keep your pocket square neat and tidy:

In the modern era, a pocket square has become a status symbol for the well-dressed man. What you need to do is to keep your pocket square simple, neat and clean. It must be organized. It is the way of self-expression. It communicates to people even before you speak. It conveys how well-oriented and well-organized you are. It adorns your suiting endeavours.

Mark of the bold statement:

Pocket squares are the mark of the statement. They command fascination and respect. A study shows men who wear pocket squares on their jackets are more eye-catching than those men who don’t wear. This is the more appropriate way to be bold. So if you want to add a statement to your look, then you should start wearing pocket square straightaway. If you really want that, people set eyes on you then you should definitely give it a try and see for yourself the positive reaction of people.

Why prefer Andre Emilio pocket squares?

Andre Emilio offers the most elegant and attractive pocket squares for you at the most affordable prices. We offer White Zig Zag Pocket Square, White & Red Outline Pocket Square, Sky Blue Pocket Square, Golden Pocket Square, Aqua Green Pocket Square, Maroon Pocket Square, and many more. The quality of the fabric of a pocket square is the benchmark of Andre Emilio.  We have an enormous variety of pocket squares that will make your occasion memorable for you and for your loved ones.  It will give you a perfect choice that will add a refined touch to almost any professional or formal outfit for multiple occasion.