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About Us

“The construction of our suits has to be executed with precision, because each piece is an exquisite one of a kind work of art that our customers get to wear.”

André Emilio started with the dream of helping make bespoke suiting of the highest quality accessible to a wider market – unlike any brand ever before. We imagined a new era of completely customized suiting with the most luxurious fabrics, but in a way that allowed more people to buy & wear our exquisite, tailored suits.

André Emilio is our take on the traditional bespoke suit; steeped in Italian traditions of craftsmanship and creativity, as exhibited by the opulent couture houses of Milan. Such craftsmanship has always been reminiscent of a world that is exclusively available to the ultra-wealthy. Thus, we at André Emilio wanted to take this idea of creating unique pieces conceived by couturiers with just one client in mind. In this way, we were able to modify this traditional idea of bespoke suiting & merge it into a more accessible business model, so that more and more people can enjoy the luxury of owning a completely one of a kind, exquisitely designed, bespoke suit. This is what we at André Emilio refer to as the modern day renaissance in traditional couture.

Our goal is to elevate how our customer’s feel about themselves. We want our luxurious & perfectly fitted suits to help our clients be more confident and bold. Every time someone goes out wearing an André Emilio suit, they should feel armoured and ready to conquer their goals and go out knowing that they will be the best dressed at any event. So that regardless of whether you’re at work, or celebrating a special occasion such as a wedding, you look and feel your best.

This is why at André Emilio, we offer elegance in a way that is both innovative and timeless. Redefining the traditional Italian style of suiting with innovative and breath-taking designs, André Emilio continues to allow for the modern gentleman to enjoy a service that merges the practice of classic tailoring with modern designs.

Therefore, our brand is built on a highly personalised service that would be impossible without a strong relationship between the tailor and the customer. This is why every fitting at André Emilio is between the customer and the man crafting the garment- there is no middle-man. This is the exact reason that our suit’s style, cloth, cut, and fit are impeccably tailored to the gentleman’s requirements.

From the first fitting- where our customer’s get to choose from a wide array of fabrics & designs- to the last fitting, we continue to add exquisite, hand-worked details to the garment as it reaches completion. From the inner lining, to the fine buttonholes, horn buttons, & even the adding of our customer’s initials into their bespoke suits, our attention to detail is unparalleled.

The end result is an elegant garment that will last you a lifetime. To book an appointment with André Emilio, you can Call/ WhatsApp +1 (689)-243-1611.                        

André Emilio is an international high-end luxury men’s clothing brand. We specialize in men’s made to measure suiting; making one of one two-piece suits, three-piece suits, tuxedos, blazers, custom shirts, trousers, ties, pocket squares, and waistcoats. We pride ourselves on our exquisite craftsmanship, hand-stitched tailoring, modern sizing process, luxurious fabrics, and a timely delivery. All of our garments come with free international shipping and a guaranteed delivery of 11-14 days.

All of our bespoke suits, tuxedos, and shirts can be customized by clicking the “Customize Now,” option. From there, you can customize the fabrics, lapel size, fit preference, inner linings, add your initials to the garment or add your measurements (there is also the option to get measured later, where our tailors will set up a zoom meeting with you to guide you through the measurement process).

To contact us directly, please call or text at +1(689)-243-1611 or email us at: info@andreemilio.com.

Our Tailoring Process

Since the firm’s inception, André Emilio’s mission has been simple, focused, and immutable: to be the bespoke tailor of choice for modern gentlemen who wish to dress in comfortable, understated elegance. Every garment is hand-stitched to the customer’s measurements, resulting in a well-constructed piece that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime with the proper care. For decades, we have stayed true to our mission, crafting bespoke clothing for some of the world’s most notable men in business. Our tailoring process has been refined and digitized over the past decade to provide the most seamless user experience possible.

André Emilio’s ethos revolves around the customer’s tastes, interests, and lifestyle which are discussed with our team before the tailoring process begins. Once a picture of the man and his requirements is formed, the cut and fit of the garment are built around the measurements sent through our webpage. Our Digital Tailor uses a proprietary algorithm that analyzes your inputs against thousands of data points from our own records. The resulting measurement profile is as accurate as an in-store fitting.

Next, the cloth is chosen from a selection of thousands, with assistance from the cutter who will gently steer the customer towards something suitable. Lastly, our customer’s measurements are submitted to our digital tailor as well as notes were taken on build, stance, and posture. Then, our cutters sketch the customer’s unique pattern, using expertise and instinct to shape the two-dimensional panels that will combine into a form-fitting garment.

The cloth is cut from this pattern and passed to the tailors; the creators of the suit who can customize it perfectly to meet your needs. This includes pairing it with the perfect custom tie sets and pocket squares. You can even have your initials inscribed onto the bespoke garment of your choice.

Invest in a Custom Suit for Your Big Day

There’s nothing more romantic than a man in a well-tailored suit. When it comes to your wedding day, André Emilio has got you covered.

We tailor every piece with love, emphasizing style and comfort. We’ve got everything from classic black tuxedos to modern slim-fit suits in various colors. Whether you’re the groom, the best man, or just a guest, we’ve got a suit that will make you look and feel fantastic on your big day.

Whether attending an important meeting or giving a presentation, you’ll look and feel your best in an André Emilio suit.

Bespoke Suiting was Never this Affordable

A high-quality bespoke suit can last for decades with the proper care. In the past, custom-made suits were a luxury item, but with our digitized sizing process, we can affordably get your garment to you within weeks. Through André Emilio, you can wear your dream suit without breaking the bank.

Made to Measure

Wearing a bespoke suit is the ultimate luxury, and something every gentleman should invest in. With a turnaround time of just six to eight weeks, your André Emilio made-to-measure garment combines our renowned tailoring expertise with superior quality and thoroughly modern service. It’s the perfect solution for the gentleman who values style as well as substance.

André Emilio Brings Traditional Italian Craftsmanship to the Modern Gentleman Through Our Online Bespoke Suits

You can easily customize your very own bespoke suit through our efficient online ordering system and get a hand-made suit, made from the most luxurious fabrics, within just 2 weeks.  

The Highest Quality Suits, Now Accessible to All

André Emilio aims to make the bespoke suit accessible to more people than ever before. By eliminating the middlemen, we’re giving our customers bespoke suits made from the finest fabrics, at the best prices. 

Thousands of Customizable Options that Help Make Each André Emilio Suit Distinctly Yours

Not only will your bespoke suit be perfectly fitted to your unique measurements, but our wide array of options- everything from buttons & linings to personalized initials- will ensure that each suit you purchase from André Emilio is a unique piece that belongs to only you.

Hand-Made Suits, The Italian Way

André Emilio implements its philosophy of Italian craftsmanship by ensuring that each and every suit we produce is perfectly hand-made by our tailors, who use your online measurements to build you an exquisite, hand-made garment.


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