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A tuxedo suit is also known as tux, is our semi-formal attire tailored with supreme quality materials that fits on all body types. The luxurious tux designs on comfortable Italian fabric give a fusion of the traditional suiting with contemporary style that can be worn on put a range of weddings and events.

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Extra fine stitching with custom styling


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We use premium quality fabric.

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Perfect Shape and Fit

Our tailor suits are in perfect shape and fit.

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Our highly skilled craftsmen use best techniques and Italian patterns to develop fashionable and durable suits that are available online. If you want a blue and black tuxedo for the wedding, we are one stop shop for your desired suit.

Tuxedo Suit

Customize Tuxedo Suits

Our exclusive custom suits service allows shoppers to require best attire for the special occasions. Therefore, we have an online measurement guide for the ease of our valued patrons. Our unique custom design tool allows buyers to customize measurements that better fit and compliment their own style.

We carry an extensive variety of tuxedo suits made of extravagant and refined Italian, British, and Australian fabric with Italian pattern. We bring a variety of wool, cotton, linen, velvet, cashmere, and all that you may need in your tuxedos. According to your preferences and choices, select a fabric from made-to-measure catalogue of dresses available for causal and occasional events. Usually, tux has satin shawl lapels, a single button fastening, single-breasted, four button cuffs (double cuffs), a chest pocket, front flap pockets, a rear two vents, and a classic black bow silk-tie along with slim fit trousers. The crisp white shirt is a perfect choice to carry beneath the vest and a black tuxedo blazer. Andre Emilio offers an extensive range of luxury groomsman black tuxedo suit for wedding and black tuxedo suit for a groom in highly affordable prices.

Types of Tuxedo Suit

Our made-to-measure tuxedos are specifically crafted from fine machine cutting with our high-quality imported fabric. Choose the pattern and fabric, a tailor, then make adjustments to the suit according to your measurements and body type. Whereas, our bespoke suit is completely handmade made from scratch according to the individual measures. Both fits are customize with conformity to your measurements that best fit on your torso and help you look elegant, confident, and stand out in the event.

Similarly, our tailored made suit is a tux that is altered according to  your measurements to provide you the desired fit. We also prepare a made-to-measure or bespoke.

Tailored Suit Prices

The tailored suit depends on the fabric, and material selected for your suit. Average price for a bespoke suit online is $300. The minimum purchasing price is $275 and exceeds to $400. Supreme quality indicates the comfort and elegant look. We care for the grooms-to-be so we are offering a special discount of $100 on your first order. We carry a wide selection of black tuxedo for the wedding. Experience the exceptionally tailored suit of your own choice at Andre Emilio.

Preparation Time of Custom Tailored Suit

Andre Emilio explicitly makes tux suits for every client by using their measurements, it can take up to 4-6 weeks for the suit to be ready. We prefer quality over quantity and work on minute details that make a suit best. Our highly skilled tailors work patiently to provide the best fit in the time.

Tailor-made black Tuxedo suits for weddings

Weddings are one of the most happiest yet stressful times for most couples as they have to create many different attires for the event. The traditional, formal wedding usually consists of a tuxedo costing hundreds of dollars.

From planning your wedding day to buying wedding dresses, there are so many different facets to the big day that can be overwhelming. With Andre Emilio’s tailor-made black tuxedo suits for wedding you don’t need to worry about finding a tuxedo since we provide everything you need!

There are many different types of tuxedos, and they come in various colors and styles. It is essential to know what type of event you are attending before deciding which one to wear.

You’re not just getting married. You’re getting dressed up as an adult

When it comes to wedding attire, it is common for people to be more concerned about what they should wear than what they should say, and it is because the dress code is the most critical part of the big day. But In a classy wedding suit, you can look like you are worth a million dollars and feel ready for anything that comes your way.

Black is the new black with tailor made tuxedo suits for wedding

Black tuxedo and black tie wedding attire is the new black. This trend has been on the rise for a few years now, but it’s still in its infancy.

The popularity of tailor made tuxedo suits for weddings cloths has increased over time, with more people finding themselves in a situation where they need to wear one. A dark formal look is often associated with power, sophistication, and elegance. It is also known to make people feel more confident and assertive.

Why do Made-to-Order Tuxedos Make Sense?

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a tailor made black tuxedo suits for wedding is that it should be tailored to your body type and fit you well. Black is the color of the night and it is the best option for formal events. You can wear any color under your shirt with a black suit and still look sharp.

Our tailors stitch to deliver the finest quality with superior fit as per your requirements. We have a catalog full of bespoke suiting designs where you can choose your suit design. If you don’t find what you are looking for. You can go with your own choice of suiting elements where you can choose suit lapels, buttons, jacket style, and some buttons on cuffs with your monogram embossed on the jacket cuff. 

Mainly there are three cuts to consider for suiting; British cut, The American cut and The Italian cut. These are the most famous and leading suiting cuts used by the world’s leading men bespoke tailors. We offer all three suiting cuts with a customized suiting process.

It’s an elegant option for formal weddings, proms and funerals.

There are various options regarding style that range from classic to contemporary cuts. Before you begin, you must be clear about the style you’re looking for on your special day. 

We recommend that you should dress like a gentleman by adding satin-finished details, a single button fastener, and white tuxedos. The finishing touches of the details create a versatile Tuxedo that oozes the timeless, classic elegance.

All worries will be gone after you make your arrangements. With tailor-made black tuxedos for weddings, you will be admired by everyone. People are going to love how stylish you are with these tuxedos! 

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