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What is A Blazer? – A Man’s Guide to Style a Blazer

The blazer first appeared as a bright red flannel jacket worn by members of a Cambridge rowing club during the 1800s. Blazers are dressier than sportcoats but not as formal as suit jackets.

It is traditionally made of wool, is blue with a pocket, and has distinct silver or gold buttons. However, this “tradition” has receded with time, with men preferring cotton varieties and blazers without the customary buttons.

Learning how to wear a casual blazer requires delving back into naval folklore. Young Queen Victoria paid a visit in 1837 to a Royal Navy ship called the HMS Blazer.

The ship’s captain instructed his crew to dress up for the royal inspection by donning navy-blue double-breasted jackets over their striped seamen’s sweaters to impress the queen.

The blazer became quite popular in the twentieth century, and it is now the symbol of prestigious clubs, the military, and boarding schools. The fitted jacket has a surprising amount of versatility.

Common Blazers for Men

A blazer can be elegant, adding sharpness to any outfit. It enhances your particular style and panache. Cotton, wool/blend, tweed, linen, color blocks, patterns, and checks, are the most common blazers for men on the market.

Ways To Style A Blazer To Perfection

Here are some ways to style your blazer and look great every time.

Blazer With Shirt, No Tie, and Sweater

The next step toward a casual look is to wear a customized shirt without a tie. Instead, create layers with a sweater or a cardigan.

For a more elegant look, wear a pocket square and either dress shoes or a pair of fun sneakers. Ideal for that start-up appearance!

Blazer With a T-Shirt

Are you out for the weekend? You may not want to wear dress shirts, but being underdressed is unacceptable. The combination of a blazer and a T-shirt is the solution.

A casual shirt or a polo is another option. Put on a pair of chinos and a pair of casual shoes, like derbies.

Blazer With Shirt and Tie

This is the most formal look you can achieve with a blazer. Simultaneously, it is not as elegant as a suit. Still, with the shirt-tie combination, a vibrant pocket square, and a nice pair of trousers and formal shoes, you’ll appear incredibly sophisticated. This outfit is ideal for a business casual setting.

Blazer With Jeans

A decent pair of jeans and a blazer will give you a smart but relaxed look. You can wear any good shirt, sweater, or even a T-shirt underneath your blazer. If you put on a great pair of suede shoes or boots, you’ll look fantastic. Stick to navy blue and search for metal buttons if you want to keep it traditional.

The blazer has become a classic garment that can be worn in a variety of ways for a sophisticated casual look.