Bespoke Shirts


Our tailors will stitch your bespoke formal shirt exactly to your measurements; using traditional, Italian fabrics. The resulting garment will be durable, highlighted by the exquisite fabrics and superior fit as per your requirements.

At André Emilio, we believe in working closely with the customer to create the perfect made to measure menswear. As each customer’s requirements are different, our digital tailoring team will work closely with you to understand your requirements, measurements, and style preferences before crafting your bespoke shirt.

Using the “customize now,” option above, you can choose your bespoke shirt’s buttons, style options, and you can even have your initials monogrammed on your bespoke shirt’s cuff. This attention to detail is what makes André Emilio the bespoke digital tailor of choice for thousands of gentlemen around the world.

Customize Formal Shirts: The Foundation of Every Outfit

Dress shirts are an essential part of any gentleman’s outfit, whether it be a tuxedo, suit, or dress pants- pairing your look with a bespoke shirt can completely elevate your style. Wearing a bespoke shirt from André Emilio means you are guaranteed a well-fitted shirt that will last you for years to come.

Fabrics and patterns for the Stark Grey Three Piece Suit with Peak Lapel:

The decision to choose the right fabric is very important. Of course, you want to make sure that you are spending your money wisely. This is why, we can guarantee to get you the perfect shirt, which will be hand-stitched to your measurements for a superior fit and luxurious feel.

Italian fabrics are an excellent choice for suits due to their versatility and refined look. However, it can be difficult to choose which fabric you should choose for your bespoke shirt. The higher the twist count the more expensive it is. We at André Emilio use fabrics which have a 110 thread count, in other words, we have the finest fabrics for bespoke shirts and suits in the world.

Dress Shirt Styles:

Our made-to-measure shirts with high-quality imported fabric have different styles of cuts and angles on the collars such as turndown collars, point collars, spread collars, button-down collars, wing collars, and more others.

Most gentlemen prefer wearing plain white and blue colors when it comes to business attire. That is perfectly fine, but the stylish gentleman understands that he can experiment with patterns and lesser-used colors that are appropriate for professional settings. There is a wide collection of shirts, choose the design and color, then make adjustments to customize the shirt to your measurement and body shape. We hope you find a shirt that you love.

A crisp, well-ironed shirt that fits perfectly makes you feel good and sets the mood for the day.

André Emilio’s bespoke shirts are entirely handmade and tailored to the individual’s measurements for the greatest fit on your torso and help you look elegant, confident, and stand out in the event.