Embroidered White Prince Suit

Price: $ 2,500

Enjoy the epitome of ease and comfort in this bespoke “White Prince Suit”. Crafted from premium handwork and intricate fabric, this “White Prince Suit” will enhance your look to the optimum level. Get it and add style to your personality to stand out at any occasion.

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Instruction to Maintain Prince Suit:

Cleaning: No bleach, Dry-clean only

Storage: Keep your Prince Suits in a place where they can breathe. Never keep your suit in an airtight bag for storage.

Day-to-Day Wear: when you wear your suits, keep them from wearing out. Don’t wear the same suit two days in a row, as clothing typically needs at least a day of rest to breathe

Pressing: Suits can be pressed if they get wrinkled; Steam ironing

Season: Spring, Autumn, Summer, and Winter

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Weight 2 kg


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